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Correspondence: 1962 Will of SH Wills

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  • Title Correspondence: 1962 Will of SH Wills 
    Short Title Correspondence: Mrs Jean- Finis E. Wills  
    Repository Loretta Love Grover 
    Source ID S110 
    Text typed copy of the will:
    Will of S. H Wills Vol. B page 411 Aug 6 1888
    The state of Texas, Limestone co., knowing the certainty of death and the uncertainty of life I have concluded to make my will to be carried out and put in force when I am dead.
    1 st. I wish to be buried in a plain coffin without any ostentatious display on the lot laid out for me near my departed wife, my funeral to be preached at cotton gen (near Teague) by Rev G W Murray, if he desires and hereby Mr B Sweeney.
    2nd. I want all my surplus property books and etc sold to the highest bidder on twelve months credit. My Blains creek 100 acres survey know as the Duval survey, sold on the same day on one and two year credit. The purchaser giving good security, the proceeds of said land to be held for the support of my wife and John Lenix Wills, should my wife N E Wills marry she shall have the use of the same until John Lenix Wills becomes of age, then it must accrue to him as the lawful owner of the same.
    3rd. After all my honest debts are paid it is my will that all my first children to-wit. George Ann, W T Wills, R P Jones, Jim Rob Wills and Peggie Sander shall have $90.00 the balance of my notes and accounts to go to Finis E Wills, let it be much or little.
    4th. It is further my desire that my beloved wife N E Wills have my Mare (old molly) and buggy for her own use and benefit during her life time. At her death the increase if any shall be equally divided. My cows and hogs are to be sold with my surplus property. The place at the spring is to be my wifes homestead to be used by her own discretion with the right to sell rent or dispose of in any way she may desire. The proceeds of the place we are now on, will be used when sold to improve the spring place, Where G H Jones now lives. The reminder of my San Jacinto money is to be used to pay Penrod and J.T. Davis, to be as as soon as collected. My funeral expenses are to be paid out of said money. The reminder to be to my beloved wife. To her own use and benefit. For and in consideration of her kind and faithful attention by day and by night during my long and protracted sickness, Aug 6th 1881 SH Wills
    Witness J. T Archer and W H Archer
    State of Texas Limestone co. In County court Nov Term 1881, In the matter of the probate of the last will and testament of S H Wills deceased, and now on this day in open court comes J T Archer on of the subscribing witnesses to said last will which is dated 6th Aug 1881 and he being duly sworn in open court deposes and say that said S H Wills was at said date over 21 years of age, that he departed this life in said count about ____ day of Aug 1881 a few days after the date of said will. that he was at the time of signing said will, of sound mind, that the written instrument produced in court with the application in the case and purporting to be the last will of said SH Wills was signed by said S H Wills by his own hand in the presence of applicant and in the presence of W H Archer, the other subscribing witness thereto and that affiant and W H Archer signed their names as with …of the execution of said will in the presence of said S H Wills and that affiant and W H Archer are above the age of 14 years, not so far as affiant know of is informed, said deceased never revoked said will. J T Archer sworn to and subscribed before me this Nov 24 1881 …Walker clerk. This minutes having been read and approved it is ordered that court adjourn until the next regular term this Dec 3 1881
    A M Fauchn co Judge
    … Est S H Wills Apr 1 1882. This day came on to be here the application of H J Reeves or letters of Admn of said state and it appearing to the court that due notice had been given and no opposition filed it is ordered that H J Reeves be and is hereby appointed Admnstr of said estate upon his entering into bond in the sume $1000 … …by law, J S Jones, and …Cox and Isaac Wright are hereby appointed appraisers to return in inventory on the property of said estate, N E Wills Adminstrs rix, having failed to qualify she is herby removed and ordered that she be adjudged to pay all costs of the proceeding for which execution may issue..
    S H Wills estate Apr 29 1882. This day came under application of the Admn for the appointment of appraisers and it affirms that the appraisers heretofore appointed declined to serve. It is ordered that W J Archer and D M Thomasen are hereby appointed appraisers to appraise said estate.
    Apr 29 1882 S H Wills deceased. The inventory and appraisement of the above estate this day examined and approved and ordered recorded.
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  •  Notes 
    • address in 1964: 1120 S 9th T, Temple, Texas
      Limestone county Texas records located at Groesbeck, Texas. Vol B. 407-10-11-70-71 (Eleanor Wills Love notes indicate this copy came from Jean Wills)