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Grover. Thomas Grover 1807-1886


PERSONAL HISTORY Thomas Grover was born July22, 1807, posthumously, Whitehall, Washington Co.N.Y. He died on February 19,1886 at Farmington, Davis Co. Utah. He married in 1828 to Caroline Whiting. He married on February of 1841 to Mrs. Caroline Eliza Eliza Nickerson widow of Marshal Hubbard.Married Hannah Tupper in 1844. Married in 1846 Laduska Tupper. Married Elizabeth Walker in 1857. Married Emma Walker, no relationship to Elizabeth in 1856. Whitehall records and maps of property found in Washington County scrap books in the State Library at Albany N.Y, show that the old Grover properties in Whitehall were located in the north end of town, almost immediately adjoining the south end of Lake Champlain and on the west bank of Woods Creek, which was later dredged out to become the new Champlain Canal about 1820, which then allowed freight barges to travel from the French-Canadian province of Quebec, immediately north of Vermont and New York, south to the Hudson River, near Hudson Falls, and thence south to Troy,Albany, New York, and New Jersey,Etc. Shortly afterwards the new Erie Canal was also completed westward from Albany to Buffalo,N.Y, by way of Mohawk River, Lake Oneida, Palmyra, Rochester and Lockport, New York. These two fine barge canals opened up vast new territories and hastened the westward expansion of our great county though the exchange of raw products of farm and forests, with manufactured items from the eastern cities. As Whitehall was,and still is, at the south tip of Lake Champlain,and the Grover properties were at the junction of Lake Champlain and Woods Creek, which then became the Champlain Canal about 1820, it was quite natural that our young Thomas, born 1807, when about 13 years of age, secured a position as cabin boy on the barges then operating on Lake Champlain, and south to New York City. He soon proved his ability and trustworthiness and, by 1830-31, had advanced to position of Captain of the Shamrock, a combined freight and passenger vessel operating over the entire water ways, from southern Quebec to New York, and from Albany westward to Buffalo and the Lake Erie and Ontario. Shortly afterwards Thomas married Caroline Whiting and moved west to Freedom, Catteraugus Co. in the southwest corner of New York State. While living there, he first heard the new "Mormon",Latter Day Saints Gospel preached, became interested, investigated it to his complete satisfaction, and then became a member of it. He was baptized there in September 1834 by the Prophet Joseph Smith and Elder Sidney Rigdon. In late 1835 he and his family, consisting of his wife Caroline and four children, moved to Kirkland, Ohio, where he joined the many other Saints, worked and assisted in building the Temple of the Church. In the summer they, with all the other church members, were driven out of Kirkland by mobs of anti-Mormons to Nauvoo, Ill., where their seventh child, daughter Emma, was born Jan. 1840. Thomas wife Caroline Whiting died at Nauvoo,Ill.,17 October 1840, leaving him with six young daughters(Emma died shortly after birth), to care for. Under these conditions he met Caroline Eliza Nickerson,widow of Moses Hubbard, and she came in to care for his children and they later married. This ancestry and genealogical information given shows how our honored progenitor, Thomas Grover, born 1807 at Whitehall,N.Y,was endowed and blessed by his many humble progenitors with noble qualities of industry, thrift, love of family and neighbors, a very deep and abiding love and reverence for his creator and his church, and for this wonderful country in which we live, where we have the civil and religious freedoms and opportunities our humble ancestors sought for many centuries and often fought hard for. He was deeply devoted to his church and its missionary program, and to the aid and relief of the poor, the needy, and the sick,frequently sharing his harvests with the widows, orphans and the poor. No other of our ancestors can boast of a family of 51 children as he can. It is because of the teachings of his new found church in Plural Marriage that made this possible. As we have stated, Thomas Grover first wife Caroline died in Nauvoo, and he married his second wife Caroline Nickerson and shortly after this,12 July 1843, in a revelation given to Joseph Smith, the practice of Plural Marriage was given to the church. Thomas was among the first to accept and practice this teaching of the church. On Dec. 1844 he entered into polygamy by marrying Hannah Tupper while still married his second wife Caroline. Caroline divorced from him sometime about 1848, and the wives that he married who bore no children stayed with him but a short time. His wife Laduska lived in what was known by the family as a big house in Farmington. The home of Emma Walker Grover is still standing, but has been added on to. Among those entering the Church in the state of New York at the time Thomas Grover did were the Smith's, the Whitmers, and the Knights, there were such families as the Rockwells, and the Martin Harris. Some of the converts such as Martin Harris, Joseph Knight, and Thomas Grover were well to do. The first named furnished the funds for printing the Book of Mormon and Thomas Grover,on joining the church made the prophet a gift of a considerable size of money. He was a member of Zions Camp, suffered in the persecutions of the Mormons in Missouri, and was with the Prophet in prison a number of times. He fulfilled three missions for the church. He served in New York sate, Canada and in Michigan. He was a member of the first High Council of the Church at Nauvoo,being called by revelation to fill that position. He was one of the Prophets Joseph Smith's bodyguards. When Wilson and Reynolds, mobbers from Missouri,kidnapped the prophet, Thomas was one of the men who rescued him and turned the mobbers back to Missouri. As the Saints came west and crossed the state of Iowa, they located on the west side of the Missouri River where Florence now stands. A number of the men went down into Missouri and bought pork for use of the camp. Thomas was appointed camp butcher. Thomas was among the first 143 men to get ready to go with President Brigham Young to find a route to go the west. BIRTH-PARENTS-SPOUSE-CHILDREN-GENEALOGY: Stephen E. Grover, THOMAS GROVER HIS ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS; 1537-1966; Phoenix, Arizona, Tyler Printing, 1966; page 13; copy in possession of Val Adair Grover, Morgan, Utah, 1995.

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