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Journal Entries by LaJean Sessions Call

Written by LaJean Sessions Call mentions June and some of their activities.

Sep 22, Sat – Worked split shift. Wrote to Faye Buchmiller. Had a dinner party at the apartment. It was good and we had a nice time. Evie, Ava, June Grover, Viada Love, Sherwood Boberg, Keith Smith, Ray Smith, Bill Jensen and I.

Feb 10, Sun – What a day!! June made a glamor girl out of me by fixing my hair on top. Never received so many compliments before. Sunday School good as usual. Had lunch at Church. Bruce, Stan and Kent came home with June and I, ate most of my last box of Xmas chocolates.

Feb 13, Wed – Met Vincent Bradley, June’s boyfriend. He seems nice—very tall!! Didn’t go to game but Queen Anne lost; out of tournament.

Feb 17, Sun – Worked, but very easy day. June resigned from Fireside. Bunch of us went to Viada’s had good time. June, Vince and I came home with Ray and Stan.

Feb 18, Mon – Diets taking twice as long to write now. Went to dentist. After work went to Grover’s for nice chicken dinner. Spent evening playing games. June’s family surely likes Vince.

Mar 15, Fri – Supposed to be off but worked 7:00-1:00. Went to “Over 21” with Clarence Clark, June, Vince and Grovers. Good show. Went to eat after, so sleepy.

Mar 16, Sat – June went skiing with Vince and Ray Andelin. I wanted to go but had to work. Still on early shift, getting used to it. Days much longer now.

Mar 19, Tue – No M Men teacher again! Went with June, Vince and Kent out to Grover’s after M.I.A. for ice cream and cake—farewell to Vince and Kent.

Mar 20, Wed – Went with June and family to see Vince leave. Hate to see him go, tho it will be a relief to June. Ray Coles back for Missionary Meeting. Got check for $89.00! Viada stayed all night with us.

Mar 21, Thu – Off at 2:30, went shopping. Bought checked short coat. Ava came and went to Keith and Viada’s wedding with me. June a bridesmaid and Ray the best man. Bunch of us tried to find the newly-weds after they got away, finally did as they got on ferry. Had very good time.

Jun 23, Sun – Nice to be at Queen Anne again. Everyone gave me big welcome back. Glad folks could meet them. Gordon to see June. Had dinner at Skippers then went to see Volunteer and Woodland Parks.

Sep 1, Sun – Went to Sunday School and Fast Meeting. Both June and I bore our testimonies. June, Ray Andelin and I went with Ray Smith to his house. June prepared dinner. I worked on my talk. Ray S. and I both gave ten minute talks in Church on “Why we Wanted to be Married in the Temple.” Not too scared. Bob there but didn’t talk to me much.

(Does your husband happen to know/remember Ray Smith?)

Sep 23, Mon – June and I went to Logan—up to school (saw Bab and Earl) and to hospital. I start work on the 1st. Had lunch at Stanfords. Met Evie after school and went to see Mrs. Alvord about apartment. Paid down payment tho we don’t especially like it. Returned to Ogden.

Nov 29, Fri – Caught bus back at 7:30—hour late. Sleepy all day. Sherwood brought June back from Salt Lake in time for work. Slight mix-up with all her boy-friends.

Jan 19, Sun – Went to Sunday School with Daddy, had delicious dinner after. Marilyn’s ankle still hurting her. Met Evie and came back to Logan with her. Joyce here—also June. She didn’t feel well. Went to Church and Fireside. June not feeling better yet, want her to see doctor tomorrow.

Jan 20, Mon – Everyone working hard due to the high census. Staff dinner. June called while we were serving supper. She was to be operated on at 8:30! She came with Evie just as we finished the dinner. Stayed with her till hour after operation. Had talk with Dr. S.M. Budge after. Her operation more than just appendix out!

Jan 21, Tue – June quite sick. Can’t keep a thing down, in great pain. Run up to see her every few minutes. We haven’t notified her parents yet. Am to take over Jr. class in M.I.A. next week! Aldena, Dorothy and LaRee came home with us, had chicken soup and lemon pie which Aldena made.

Jan 22, Wed – June still feeling miserable, can’t keep anything down. Went to Ice Carnival with Evie. Quite good but we about froze. Letter from Max—he is going to French mission!

Jan 23, Thu – June feeling little better—smiled for first time. So glad I can be near her. Went to Gold and Green Ball with Bob. Didn’t have too good a time.

Jan 24, Fri – June able to eat at last, gradually feeling better. Bod called and wanted me to go to Buzzer Ball; not anxious to, but did and had good time. Had him read article in Era after, had long talk with him. Sometimes he is so nice!

Jan 25, Sat – Evie met me after work and we went shopping. Joyce came for week-end, went with me to see June in evening. Bob and Earl there. She has trouble with so many fellows coming at once—Nate, Earl and others.

Jan 26, Sun – Went to Sunday School. Mama, Daddy, Faye and Marilyn came for dinner then we went to see June. She is feeling much better. Family went to Sacrament Meeting with me—so glad they did. I went to Fireside with Bob and Earl. They and Kent came home with me, bought three quarts of ice cream on the way and we ate all of it!

Jan 27, Mon – June’s birthday. Made cake and “bow-tie” salad for her. Lorna made her a beautiful cake. Went to see her in evening, had party. She has a good time in her Ward.

Jan 28, Tue – June getting anxious to go home. Board dinner served at 1:00—extra work. Had Mrs. Watson talk to Jr. girls in M.I.A. She is very good, wore pioneer costume.

Feb 3, Mon – Brought June home from the Clinic. The doctor cancelled her bill! Catching a cold I fear, tho it is getting much warmer. The snow is melting rapidly. Studied lesson for tomorrow.

May 9, Fri – Mrs. Neiderhauser started work, in Mrs. Hurst’s place. Came home and did washing then cleaned whole apartment alone. Plenty angry because June and Evie wouldn’t help.

Aug 17, Sun – Went to Sunday School with Faye. After dinner we went out to Noma and Elwyn’s. Battery in car went dead so late getting home. Caught 10:15 bus, June on it. She was hurt—a suitcase fell on her. Seemed okay, except for headache.

Aug 18, Mon – Scared by June when she got home from work at 9:30. She couldn’t remember getting hurt or any of the day’s happenings! Made her go right to bed. She couldn’t remember sewing in the afternoon or anything. Letter from Miles. He left today by plane for New York to judge flower show.

Aug 19, Tue – Had meeting with Jr. Girls—discussed Sub Dev Booklets. Talked to Dr. Omar about June; had her come to hospital for X-ray. Worried about her. Laughed till sick at June in the evening tho—catching a bat which got in the apartment.

Aug 20, Wed – X-ray revealed no fracture but she is to stay home quietly all week. Letter from Kent. Hardly know how to answer it!

Aug 21, Thu – Went to Willow Park with kitchen employees, had good time. Came home and June said I had a date with Cal Warnick! We went to show, had something to eat after.

Aug 22, Fri – June still not feeling good. Hate to go leave her all day. Another letter from Miles. He is having a good time in New York.

Aug 24, Sun – After Sunday School we got Evie and went with Dices to South Fork for dinner. Had hamburgers and roast corn—so good! Then rode to Monte Cristo, back thru Blacksmith Fork to Logan. Sang most of way, had good time. Ray Andelin with June when we got to apartment. She fainted and scared us all.

Aug 25, Mon – Had staff dinner and I had to serve. 9:00 o’clock when I got home. June quite upset. Spent evening talking to her.

Aug 26, Tue – Left work early to take June to clinic for physical exam. Doctor says nothing wrong. We had a good time together in the evening. Letter from Bruce and Special Delivery from Ray. He is coming Saturday!

Aug 28, Thu – June went to work for a while but had to come home. We went to see a duplex for sale. Called Dad to have him come and see it and give his opinion.

Aug 29, Fri – June just worked in the evening, didn’t feel very good. She should still be in bed, I think.

Aug 30, Sat – June fainted at work and was brought to the hospital about 10:30; put under sedation. She was quite upset. I came home and cleaned place in afternoon. Ray Smith called from Salt Lake and got here about 8:00 (I was at the hospital.) We had a long talk about religion then went to Dansante. Had good time. Came back and talked some more.

Aug 31, Sun – Went to Sunday School with Ray then to hospital to see June.

Sep 1, Mon – Luana and Frank came after us at 9:00. Went to hospital for potato chips and inquire about June, then went up to canyon. Had a good time. Played badminton, ate lunch, hiked up the mountain (almost didn’t make it) then had steak fry! Um! Got home about 9:00 and Ray stayed till after 12:00. We discussed our futures, going thru the Temple, etc. He is a grand person.

Sep 2, Tue – Ray left early for Salt Lake to go to Temple before leaving for New York. June feeling better. She came home in the evening, rode around an hour first. I was so worried I was angry when she got here.

Sep 3, Wed – Did washing. Just worked half a day in order to be with June. She stayed in bed most of time, wouldn’t answer phone.

Sep 4, Thu – Worked half a day again. In the evening Nathan took us out to Justin’s to get some peaches. It was so pretty out there I think I would have stayed if he’d asked me!

Sep 5, Fri – Spent whole morning bottling peaches, they are grand ones. Got twenty-six quarts! June went to clinic, the doctor said she could go to Idaho! We got a few things ready to go. Another letter from Max!

Sep 11, Thu – Still chilly. June seems to like her work. Got some material (drapery) and started making a house coat.

Sep 12, Fri – Man from bus came to see June. Spent most of evening here asking questions about accident. Another nice letter from Max.

Sep 13, Sat – Got ride home with Mr. Johnson from bus. He gave June $250 as settlement!

Sep 21, Sun – After Sunday School came home and helped June prepare dinner for her aunt and uncle and Lorna and Roy. Enjoyed the afternoon. Fireside at Dr. and Mrs. Christiansen’s.

Sep 22, Mon – Lois went home from work, she is quite sick. Aldena came and gave me my piano lesson—also a box of candy from California. June took her first vocal lesson.

Oct 8, Wed – Paid a week’s rent on the apartment to get an option on it. Wish Dad could come sooner. Got home and found June had bought two lugs of prunes. Put up twenty-six quarts of them. Filled all the bottles.

Oct 22, Wed – June came home rather upset. Thru some difficulty with Miss Barber, she has lost her job. I had quite a talk with her.

Nov 29, Sat – Came home and found June’s folks and Don there! She was working at college. Painted woodwork in kitchen and varnished floor. June and her folks went to dinner and Dansante.

Nov 30, Sun – Grovers left in the morning for Salt Lake. Went to morning and afternoon sessions of Conference—very good, Mathew Cowley, presiding authority

Dec 3, Wed – June left for Seattle with her folks. Hate to see her go—she doesn’t want to, I can tell. Spent most of evening writing Golden Gleaner application. Justin and Julia became Mr and Mrs.!




Owner/SourceGleen Call son of Lajean Sessions Call
Linked toRevae June Grover (Relationships)

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