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History of the Samuel Hoey and Susan DeWalt Family

Joseph Louis Hoey at the time of this letter (1930)is the only remaining child of Samuel and Susan. Gives names of his siblings and birth dates. Tells of his great grandfather Samuel Hoey born in Ireland as young man went to Scotland and married Mary McNeil and they came to Muffin County Pennsylvania and to Westmoreland county when James Hoey was born.

This letter from J.L. Hoey confirms the family's migration. He was the grandson of Samuel and Mary McNeil Hoy. Murrysville, PA March 4, 1930 Mrs. S.V. Sloan Parkers Landing, PA *Mrs. Sloan was working on the DeWalt ancestry line My Dear Cousin, Almost four months since I received your very welcome letter and no doubt you are ? why you have rec'd no reply. I am so very blind that I can scarcely see to write with the best light possible and only with a heavy lead pencil. If I stop I cannot see where to begin again and cannot read what I write. I was glad to receive your letter giving an account of the DeWalt Re-union and a list of those present. Very sorry I could not be with you, but that was out of the question for me to go to a reunion on the Sabbath Day, but I was so very glad you all enjoyed the family record I sent you and all have copies of same. My mother, Susan DeWalt Hoey died May 15, 1899 aged almost 79 years. Uncle Thomas DeWalt of Webster, PA died in 1905 aged 82 years. He was youngest son and las one of a family of 7 brothers and 4 sisters. The average age of the ? Bro's and sisters at death was above 76 years. Uncle John having reached 91 years. Cousin Susan Baer Hill (oldest daughter of Aunt Marie) died some 6 years ago - aged 92. She had three grandsons (Brothers) in the World War over seas and one Harry ? was killed. She also had two great grandsons (brothers) in the World War - one in France and one in Germany who were home some 4 or 5 years before the death of their great grandmother. This is a record hard to beat. I have in my house a picture of Cousin Susan Hill with her 8 Great Great Grandchildren when she was aged 84 years. My great grandfather Samuel Hoey was born in Dublin Ireland about 1745. When a young man he went over to Scotland and married there Miss Mary McNeil and they came to Mifflin Co, PA, west of Lewistown PA in or near the Juniata Valley. About 1785, the year my grandfather, James Hoey was born they came to Westmoreland County south of New Alexandria. In Oct 1788 they bought a farm of 360 acres 3 miles southeast of Murraysville PA where my grandfather James Hoey in Nov 1812 married Miss Eleanor Huery of the Polk Run Presbyterian Church District. My father, Samuel Hoey was born on same farm June 29, 1814 . On Jan 8, 1839 my father married Susan DeWalt at the home of ? Billy Thompson also in Polk Run District. Poke Run was a good place. good ? for Hoey and DeWalts. But I assure you that no better wife or mother could be found than my mother. Her family was: Margaret Jane born Feb 4, 1840 James born Jan 14, 1842 William Henry Born Feb 23, 1844 John Thomas and Eleanor born Oct 1, 1846 Samuel Karns April 26, 1849 Joseph Louis Jan 7, 1852 David Edgar June 5, 1854 Albert Millikin March 15, 1857 George Washington May 20, 1862 Bro James after 3 years service in the Civil War died from starvation in Andersonville Prison. One after another have gone until I am the only one left. But were with my 78 years I have splunchy health If I only had better hearing and better sight, so that I could read and write. But I must not complain for while my hearing is somehate defective and my sight so bad I cannot write to my friends except with a very ? ? and cannot read what I have written yet I have great reason for gratitude for good health, quite active on my feet and with my hands have good use of my voice--strong and clear and with a ? ? I can still praise God in Bible Class and Church by singing without a book most of the Hymns used for which I am truly thankful and many other blessings---good friends and a splendid wife who is a fine cook and housekeeper and good Christian like myself, she takes an active part in the work of the Pres Church. She is now at ? ? Class meeting of some 35 ladies in ? Bible Class in which I some years ago was assistant teacher. I was elected and ordained as Elder in Oct 1898. ? Prayer meetings for us at our home tomorrow night. I am the Chairman of a committee of three Elders to gather data for the Centennial anniversary of our Murraysville Pres Church about next Sept or Oct. My father and mother were members of this church from Oct 1839 until death and their ten children were all baptized and all became members. It will be 60 years by March 19th since I became a member. My Grandmother [Eleanor Huey Hoy] was one of the 49 Charter members and I am the last of this generation of Hoeys who have been members of this church so I am very much interested in the Anniversary Celebration. Mrs. Hoey's been suffering quite severily with sc ? since before Xmas and in Jan was in bed 4 days ? But I must close. You likely cannot read this scribbling. Hope your family are all right. Write soon and when out for a drive call give yourself an introduction your J.L Hoey

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