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Brief history of Samuel Hoey 1814-1900 and his wife Susannah DeWalt 1820-1899 and their children

Samuel Hoey Family

Samuel Hoey attended school in the old log school house about two miles east of Murrysville, which was located on the north side of the present William Penn Highway. He had but two school books...a U.S. spelling book and reader combined and an Arithmetic (The Western Calculator). Quills were used for pens and pokeberry juice for ink. 17 days after he advanced to the study of arithmetic, his father died and he had to leave school at the age of 15 (one account says 9 years old). "his opportunities for securing an education were limited. He, however, possessed great natural ability. Being gifted with a wonderful memory, he retained the facts noted in his extensive reading and thus became a man of considerable prominence.

He was a great lover of music and was a teacher of the vocal art. He was ever and first a farmer and never abandoned it.

In politics he was an ardent Republican and was for many years Assistant Revenue Collector of his district, consisting of 5 townships. In 1870 he was Census Enumerator for Franklin, Bell and Washington Townships. He ran for County Treasurer in 1870, but failed to be elected because the county was strongly Democratic.

In 1875 he was a Trustee of the Laird Institute, a co-educational school to prepare for college or teaching. He was later elected Jury Commissioner for one term in 1883 for Westmoreland County.

He was a man of stong religious convictions and intensely loyal to the Presbyterian faith. He was a regular church attendant, and when a young man, walked 7 1/2 miles to worship in his chosen church. In later life he was trustee and treasurer of Murrysville Presbyterian Church.

His mother, Eleanor Huey Hoy, was one of the 49 charter members of the First Presbyterian Church of Murrysville, when it was organized in1830. She had come from the Poke Run Presbyterian Church. Rev. Francis Laird was the first minister of the Murrsyville Church (Poke Run and nearby Plum Creek Presbyterian Church had previously shared Rev. Laird)

Samuel married Susannah DeWalt on Jan 8, 1839 in the farm house of William Thompson by pastor Rev. David kilpatrick, DD, pastor of the Poke Run Presbyterian Church. After the certemony they went on horseback to the home of Mr. Hoey's mother, where they began housekeeping and where their children were born and reared.

Samuel came into possession of 100 acres of the original Hoy land when he purchased it from his Aunt Ann Hoey (July 6, 1833) by Deed.

Samuel Hoy
born: 29 June 1814, Franklin Township, Westmoreland Co, PS
died: 31 July 1900 Westmoreland Co, Franklin Township
buried: Presbyterian Church, Murrysville, PA

Wife: Susannah DeWalt
born: 24 June, 1820
died: 13 May 1899, Franklin Township, Westmoreland Co
buried: Presbyterian Church, Marrysville, PA

DeWalt Family Bible

1. MARGARET J. m. David Allsworth
Birth: Jan 4, 1840
Death: March 18, 1880 (40 yrs old) No children
Burial: New Alexandria

Birth: Jan 14, 1842
Enlisted in Union Army in Civil Ware, Sept 15, 1861. Co I, 101st Reg PA Volunteers
After 3 yrs of service he re-enlisted. Captured soon after at Plymouth, NC (April 20, 1864) Died in Andersonville Prison Aug 13, 1864. Grave #7,000.

Birth: Feb 23, 1844
Enlisted in Civil War (Aug 24, 1864) Co. F 5th Reg Heavy Artillery, 204th
Reg PA
Mustered out: June 30, 1865
married: Hannah Jane Patton on 16 March 1875

Birth: Oct 16, 1846 (a twin)
married: 1) Thalia A. Harvey 18 Nov 1869 (born: 30 July 1846-6 April 1875)
a. Margaret May (1871-?) (m. George Hull 31 Dec 1896)
b. Zora B. (3 Nov 1872-) *DAR membership on Samuel Hoy
1. John Paul Wood (9 Oct 1899 - 19 April 1949)

c. Harry (died at birth)

2)Ella J. McGinnis
a. William McGinnis
b. Agnes Willa m. Everhart
c. Susan Clare m. Williams
d. John Quay

Birth: Oct 16, 1846 (a twin)
Married: Thomas M. VERNER (contractor and builder in McKeesport)
a. Leroy

Birth: 26 April, 1849
married: 2 Jan 1873 Anna M. KEISTER
died: 12 mar, 1912
a. Elizabeth (Bessie) Ruth
b. Anna May m. Walter D. Taylor of Swissdale
c. Samuel Clifford
d. James Keister
e. Carlton (graduate of Wooster Univ. preparing for work as a
missionary in the foreigh field at Western Theological Seminary at the time of
his death)
f. Flora (died of scarlet fever)
g. Verdie (died of scarlet fever)

Birth: 7 Jan, 1852
Baptized: 1 May 1852 Murrysville Presbyterian Church
married: Margaret Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hall 31 Aug, 1884
died: ? 1941
Elder (1898) and in photo of elders 1920. Joseph was family historian.
a. Olive Lora (8 Sept 1885-?)
married: William A. Kemerer
1. Floyd
2. Lorna

Birth: 6 June 1854
married: Emma Porter 19, Feb 1880
died: 4 Jan 1927
He was constructor and builder. Elder in Central Presby. Church McKeesport.
a. Minnie May m. A.B. Holmes
b. Rollo (Jefferson Medical College)
c. Bell m. E.C. Pryor

Birth: 15 Mar, 1857
married: Ann M. Shuster 22 Feb 1887
died: ?
a. Harris
b. Samuel

10. GEORGE Washington Bowers
Birth: 20 may 1862
married: Celia Porter (sister of Mrs. David Edgar Hoey)
a. James Homer
b. Susan m. Starr
c. Duane


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