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Brief History of Marian Estelle Welch

 "He who economizes can afford to be generous"
These wise words are the motto of one of the most active and generous young ladies in our stake--Estelle Moeck. I would challenge those half her age to keep up with her schedule of gleaning fields and orchards and then taking the fruits and vegetables to those who were in need or would appreciate them. When not doing that you may find her making quilts for others, cooking meals, or just visiting those who need a few minutes of companionship. This is daily activity for this wiry,active octogenarian, who will be 84 years old on October 21st,but who has not yet decided to slow down.

A mother of four children, including our own Connie Fry of Wenatchee 2nd Ward, she first married Elder James Love, to whom she is now sealed. He died a short time later. And this started a life of compassionate service, subsequent less than successful marriage experience, employment in orchard work (with Columbia River orchards at $4.00 per day), nursing, midwife (one time only when at 15 years of age she delivered her brother), real estate ( with more real estate holdings in her life than we have room to list), and more. Today she lives on her social security check, helped a little by income from her past industriousness.

 Estelle has lived and worked in Mule Creek, New Mexico, (her birthplace), San Diego, the Diamond A ranch near Apache Junction, Arizona, Spokane, Cut Bank, Montana, Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Seattle, Palmdale,California, Couerd'Alene, Quincy, Moses Lake, Soap Lake, Rock Island, and of course, East Wenatchee.

Estelle in her early years resisted joining the church, but 'gifts of the spirit' during her life changed that, helped by her stubborn streak and inquiring mind when it became obvious that the anti-Mormon literature her 'then' minister was giving her was false ( and he knew it). In her modesty she says she hasn't done very much that is important in the church. But how many can admit to constant activity in the church (including making 13 quilts and 3 quilt tops in the last two weeks for those in need.) Yes, she has a constant record of visiting teaching, done because she knows it is important, and those she visits needs her attention. And there is no way one could total up the huge quantities of fruits, vegetables, and other goods she has given to those she visits. She has served as a counselor in the yourng women's in Couer d'Alene, Bee Hive teacher in Seattle, and Primary teacher Soap Lake, to mention only a few. And of course Estelle was called in 1979 and served a full time mission for the church in Arizona.

This little lady is still vibrant and active, and enjoys better health strength and stamina than many who are half her age. She has had her share of problems, including back and hip problems when she went on her mission (but which did not slow her down). In 1987, she broke the same foot twice, and had one hip replacement--but continued work during this time. Estelle still renews her driving license without need of eye glasses.

Did you know that Estelle is a self taught organist, just in the last ten years? And she plays beautifully. Always active and pleasant, her greatest pleasure is finding and gleaning the fruits and vegetables that are available in our area--and then giving them to those who appreciate and need them. Estelle, you are a special little lady.
 By Thomas Guwyn (Jul 1997)
 The above note is a summary of Estelle's life. Estelle was married first to James Love, which ended in an annulment. James died in a motorcycle accident after the annulment. She then married twice more which ended divorces. It wasn't until 27 Jan 1987 that she was sealed to James Love. It should be noted that it is Apache Junction, New Mexico not Arizona.

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