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Urias Victor & Vertie Veneta Dewalt Family

Urias Victor & Vertie Veneta Dewalt Family

Photos of outings, events, ranch, family pictures, individual pictures.

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Wills. Urias Victor and Vertie Veneta Dewalt Wills Pomeroy Washington Wills Ranch 1912 Poem:  Pataha Creek Wheat Harvest in Pomeroy Washington. Wills. Haying on the 'Elephant ranch' Wills. Transportation and work, Dan Patch the horse Wills. Unidentified photo, was with a group of pictures of Urias Victor Wills children. Birth Registrations: Wills, Ronald Harold Wills 2 Apr 1911 Wills. Ronald Harold Wills about 1912
Wills. Elizabeth Wills 1915-1918 Wills. Elizabeth-bust 1915-1918 Wills 1915 Studebaker Birth Certificate: Wills, Eleanor Wills. Eleanor Wills about 18 months  Apr 1919 Wills. Children, Luther Max, Wilford DeWalt, Eleanor or Elizabeth, Ronald Harold Wills and the lamb about 1920 Wills. Brothers: Ronald Harold; Luther Max; Wilford Dewalt, about 1915-1916 Wills. Sisters: L-R.Mary about 2; Anna Mae about 6months; Eleanor about 3 1/2   1921 Wills. Sisters: Anna Mae, Mary Willena, Eleanor about 1926
Wills Old Dodge car about 1925 Wills. Brothers: Wildford Dewalt, Luther Max; Ronald Harold Wills. Children about 1925 Wills. Children (boys in High School and Girls in grade school in Pomeroy, Washington) Wills. Eleanor Wills age 12 in original frame 1929 Wills. Brothers: Transportation to college Wills. Wills brothers, Max and Ronald Wills. Ronald Harold Wills 1911-1978 Wills. Luther Max Wills (Rev.) 1912-2003 Wills. Wilford Dewalt Wills 1913-2009
Wills. Eleanor Wills, High School Graduate 1935 Wills. Brothers: Work attire. Wilford Dewalt; Luther Max; Ronald Harold Wills. Cousins. (1st cousins Wills and Webster) about 1933 Wills. Mary Willena Wills, High School Graduate 1937 Wills. Eleanor Wills college days 1934-1940 Wills. Ronald Harold Wills in 1935. Wills. Sisters: Eleanor and Mary Willena Wills 1936 Wills. Brothers: about 1936 Wills. Ronald Harold Wills 1936 Wills. Ronald 1934
Wills, Family, children about 1936 Wills. Children, young adults,  on 1936 trip to Dry Falls, Washington Wills. Children. Lake Chelan.1936. Ronald Harold Wills; Elsie Baltz; Eleanor Wills, Mary Wills Wills. Wills family trip to Dry Falls, Washington in 1936 Wills. Sisters: Mary Willena and Eleanor 1936 trip  
Wills. Winter on the Wills 'Elephant Ranch' about 1936
no identification of the people or time frame. Wills. Eleanor Wills 1917-
Wills. Sisters: Eleanor and Mary Willena Wills, bridesmaids for the Baldwin Wedding Wills. Eleanor about 1940 Wills. Gathering, playing croque about 1940 Wills. Mary Willena Wills 1919-1998 Wills. Mary Willena Wills. Sketch Death Certificate: Wills, Vertie Veneta Dewalt Wills 1947 Wills, Family,grown children of Urias Victor and Vertie Veneta DeWalt in 1947 Wills. Family, Urias Victor Wills  with Ronald Harold Wills, Anna Mae Wills Langer, Eleanor Wills Love in 1952 Wills Elephant Ranch about 1957
Wills. Children and Spouses in 1988 Wills. Luther Max Wills(Rev) about 1988 Correspondence: Wills, Mary Willena Wills 9 Apr 1998 Correspondence: Wills, Mary Willena Wills. 19 Apr 1998 Poem. Wills, Luther Max Wills Memorial Poem 20 Dec 2003 Wills. Children surviving in May 2006 Wills. Surviving children of Urias Victor & Vertie Veneta DeWalt Wills in May 2006. Wills. Wills boy unknown, birthday